Supportive Herbs

Herbal medicine for bereavementAs a qualified and experienced Medical Herbalist, I have helped many clients where the root cause of their problems can be traced back to a bereavement. Human are complete wonderful beings, with a mind and a spirit, as well as a body. As well as causing much emotional and mental anguish, a bereavement can lead to a wide variety of physical symptoms, and clients come to see me as a herbalist about all these things.

I studied Western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, gaining a 2:1 honours degree in 2008. I also completed various other studies, including 500 hours of supervised clinical work, seeing clients with an experienced herbalist next to me, plus 18 months of mentored work, to become a fully qualified Medical Herbalist. I am a member of two of the leading professional bodies for Western Herbalists, The National Institute of Medical Herbalists and the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, both of which have strict codes of practice and ethics.

Many clients suffer from various medical conditions and may take various medications prescribed by their doctor or over the counter supplements. Herbalists are trained to take these into consideration so that the herbs supplied are safe to take alongside the drugs.

During our initial consultation, I will take a medical history, including details of any allergies, prescription and over the counter drugs, medical conditions etc. If appropriate I will prepare an herbal mix for you that will support you through your grief and help with any symptoms you may have. The initial consultation costs £50 and lasts about one hour. It can be combined with an initial counselling session at no additional cost.

Herbal medicines typically cost £25 for three weeks supply. Follow up consultations usually take place during counselling sessions or are conducted via telephone or emails at no extra cost.