Other Therapies

There are other therapies that you might wish to consider. The therapists listed here are independent and not part of Heartsease. However, they are known to me and I have no hesitation in recommending them to you.

There are other therapies that you might wish to consider. The therapists listed here are independent and not part of Heartsease. The words below are theirs. However, I know and trust them and have no hesitation in recommending them to you, as they are genuine, skilled and experienced practitioners.

Janina Bell – Adlerian Counsellor

Nina is able to offer in depth counselling covering a wide range of issues, such as bereavement complicated by other issues like pre-existing depression or anxiety. She is fully qualified and experienced, having been in practice for many years and uses the Individual Psychology theories of Alfred Adler. His methods are based on democratic principles, in which individual take responsibility for themselves, are much better suited to the 21st century than the old ‘expert’ based therapies.

Contact Nina on 07802 387968 or email at  janinabell15@gmail.com Spellbound Sue

Spellbound Sue – Medium

Mediumship is a form of solace that can open doors to healing, and it can be a fairly simple step to belief and trust that the loved one is still aware of events which matter to those left behind.

The reason that mediums exist is to pass on this proof of further existence which allows the bereaved to begin to accept and move forward with their lives, and spirits of those passed will usually try in every possible way to get their messages across. Sue has been speaking with, and listening to spirits of those that have passed over for most of her life, and passes the messages on as directly as possible in whichever way the spirit themselves seem happiest.

To have a reading of spiritual connection with Sue please visit her website ‘book a reading page’. http://www.spellboundsue.co.uk/

Andrea Leonard-James – Kinesiologist

Andrea-Leonard-JamesKinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is the science of muscle testing in relation to body functions at all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Our bodies have an “innate wisdom” which Applied Kinesiology can tap into in order to identify the source of our body’s imbalances, be they structural, chemical, emotional or energetic. This innate wisdom also knows exactly what is needed for healing and communicates that to me through muscle testing etc.

Based on the feedback from the muscle testing, we can discover exactly what’s needed to contribute towards, over a period of time, a “Return To Myself” programme. This can comprise any combination of the following: listening support: suggested lifestyle changes; nutritional supplements; Bach flower remedies and various emotional stress release techniques I teach the client to use to help themselves when necessary.

Subtle energy body work, for instance, Chakra balancing, light touch and crystal healing, is also invaluable in bringing forth a sense of peace and physical calm for the duration of the Return journey and beyond.

Contact Andrea on 01908 221229/07726 303 656

Or email her at info@LifeQualityUnlimited.co.uk or visit her Kinesioloy website at www.lifequalityunlimited.co.uk