Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement counselling Milton KeynesLosing a loved one can be the most difficult time in life. The enormity of what has happened and facing the future without them can be a truly overwhelming prospect. To protect us and help us through, our body and mind takes you on a journey called grief! Slowly, over a period of time, we come to accept that our loved one has gone and will not be coming back. Eventually we are able to face our new future without them, to move on with life. We are able to live and laugh again, and to remember them without that overwhelming sadness. We are able to think of the good times, without the pain.

The process of grief is different for everybody. Books will tell you that you will go through certain stages: numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt etc. Some tell you that you will feel these things in a particular order, one after the other, and I’ve even seen some that put timescales on each stage. Well it’s not really like that! Your experience will be unique, different to everyone else. You may go through these stages, but you might not experience them all. They might come in a different order and you might feel several emotions at the same time. Some might come back and there are certainly no fixed timescales!

At times like this we all need help: perhaps from family and friends, possibly from a doctor and/or a religious advisor. Help from these people may be enough but many people need extra help. Sometimes talking to someone who is not a relative or friend, and in confidence, who understands what you are going through and has aided dozens of others, can be really helpful.

My wife died suddenly some years ago, and when I had experienced the journey of grief, I wanted to help others faced with the same ordeal. I volunteered to work with a National Bereavement charity. This entailed a training course that helped me further to understand what I had been through. Since qualifying I have been working as a volunteer bereavement support worker with this charity, and I still do. However, despite their best efforts there are never enough volunteers, due to the high demand and there can be long waiting lists.

Heartsease bereavement counselling sessions last about 45 mins and can take place in your own home* or at a clinic in Milton Keynes and cost £30 each. (If you would like initial bereavement counselling session combined with Herbal or Bach Flower consultation this lasts about 60 minutes and costs £50) Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes as above.. Call 01908 221229 or email for further details or to book a session.

* Home visits to most MK and some NN postcodes are possible.